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EMOTION-How does your mood affect your perception of things?
Posted on April 26, 2010 at 1:10 am by and

Emotion is a human feeling such as love, hate or anger. Human beings are such highest-level animals who have tons of changeable feelings and unique thoughts varying with other animals in the earth. They can express the sadness with tear, the happiness with smiling and so on. Those are all their emotions. Emotional quality is different from intelligent quality. Intelligent quality can help you to analyze things optimally and get the point you seek to in the problem. At this time, you have to calm down regardless personal emotions and use your brain to find the point. If you try to finish something with your emotions which may be bad for your work, you will spend more time on the work with less efficiency. Furthermore, emotions can affect your judgments and perception of things.

For example, like me, I’m an emotional girl who may be affected by any externality. When I am in a laughing mood, I find that pop music is really fantastic. It can make me feel excited and get me high. At that time, I will shake my body starting to dance and follow the music to sing songs. Everything I think is so lovely that I think the world is wonderful, then. However, when I’m in a melting mood, I find that pop music is pretty noisy and dull. It can make me anxious and upset. Seriously, I can’t stand it at all even I hate it. And I am keen to stop my suffering from its nuisance of listening at once. At that time, everything I think is so terrible that the whole world is awful. For another example, today is heavily rainy. If I get the principle’s award owing to my highest mark in the final exams and the teacher praises me in the class, I will be absolutely ecstatic and desire to tell my parents about this good news after school even though it’s rainy incredibly outside. After I run home, probably I get completely wet. But I won’t complain about the terrible weather even I do think the rain is gorgeous due to the exciting news. On the contrary, if I fail my math exam and go home without an umbrella or raincoat, I’ll be depressed and upset. Honestly, I think everything is awesome particularly the rain.

That’s the obvious differences above to show how our moods affect our perception of things. Our perception of things is always impacted by our moods. It relies on how our moods are and under what situations. Being in a good mood and being in a bad mood may lead to different even opposite perceptions. Therefore, emotion does affect our perception of things. Sometimes it can control our minds and behaviors and cause us to make the wrong decision in term of the wrong perception.

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